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We're offering monthly free printing to registered charities, community groups, or CICs in Wiltshire and surrounding counties. Whether it's flyers, posters, or display boards, we're here to help you spread the word about your work.


Why GivingPrint?

GivingPrint isn't just another service—it's our way of saying "thank you" and giving back to those who make our work meaningful. It's a heartfelt initiative designed to support charities and community organisations by offering them what we do best: high-quality digital printing, absolutely free.

By investing in GivingPrint, we're contributing to the visibility and success of local charities and organisations and fostering a culture of giving and collaboration that goes beyond business.

Excellent quality, wonderful service. The colours on the prints are stunning. We are blown away by your generosity to our charity - The Hub@BA15. Thank you so much we are so grateful and will certainly recommend Footfall Direct widely .🌟 We will certainly be using you for future projects.

Cathy H

(via Trust Pilot)

In a world where every little bit helps, GivingPrint is our bit. It's about making a difference, one print at a time, and we couldn't be prouder of the impact we're making with our community partners.

We understand these organisations' ongoing needs, so we also offer our services at heavily discounted rates beyond the free quota. 


Thank you for supporting us in this journey. Together, we're not just printing; we're making prints that matter.

Thank you to Wiltshire Print Group for asking Larkrise Community Farm to be a part of their #GivingPrint scheme. Our new leaflets look fantastic! The colours really stands out and the quality is exceptional. Thank you for getting these ready so quickly and answering all our questions!

Larkrise Community Farm

(via Facebook)

Get Involved

Are you ready to take advantage of GivingPrint? We'd love to hear from you if you're a registered charity, community group, or CIC with an office or shop in our service area.


The process.

We award GivingPrint to between three and six charities monthly, so we cannot guarantee that you will be selected.  If you are unsuccessful, we will try to help as much as possible, but this may not involve getting all your printing for free.

We diligently review every application and will promptly respond within a few working days to acknowledge your application, ensuring a fair and respectful process for all.

Complete the form below to start the process.  Please include exact information on what you want and any additional information that will help with our selection criteria.

We base our selection on the following 3 criteria:-

  1. Location. The closer you are to Melksham, the better. However, we have made awards to Bristol and Swindon-based organisations, so please still apply no matter where you are in Wiltshire or surrounding counties.

  2. Size of Charity. We try to prioritise small—to medium-sized charities with a single location.  We recognise that donations can make a big difference to these organisations as they often find it difficult or time-consuming to apply for funding elsewhere.

  3. The number of people who will benefit. We try to help charities promote events or flyers and posters to promote their services rather than printing that will be used for internal purposes.


Please note that we do not support printing material for the direct promotion of religion but are happy to support services that religious organisations provide for the local community.

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