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    • Company Name: Launch Point Adventures

    • Industry: Outdoor Activities

    • Location: Bath, United Kingdom

  • As pioneers in the outdoor activities sector, Launch Point Adventures continually seeks to push the boundaries of adventure and entertainment, with a commitment to providing unique and memorable outdoor experiences.


    St Catherine’s Quest, their new Outdoor Escape Room required 9 double-sided A5 printed cards to be placed in outdoor boxes.  The cards needed to be durable and have a premium professional feel.  They already had the artwork in a PDF format.

  • Key challenges included:


    1. Inadequate Material Quality: The initial choice of material for the clue cards needed to meet Launch Point Adventures' standards for a professional and polished appearance. This discrepancy in material quality undermined the overall immersive experience they aimed to provide.

    2. Internal Production Inefficiency: Attempting to produce the cards internally with an office printer proved time-consuming. Launch Point Adventures faced challenges in meeting demand efficiently and struggled to maintain consistent professionalism in the materials it produced.

    3. Lack of Professionalism: The in-house printing resulted in clue cards that needed more professional touch essential for an engaging and high-quality outdoor escape room experience. Launch Point Adventures recognised the importance of creating a visually appealing and cohesive adventure and the current production method needed to achieve this objective.

    1. Material Enhancement: Wiltshire Print Group recommended and utilised a superior 250 gsm cardstock for the clue cards. This upgrade ensured a substantial improvement in material quality, delivering a professional and polished appearance that aligned seamlessly with Launch Point Adventures' commitment to providing top-notch outdoor experiences.

    2. Quantity and Efficiency: Wiltshire Print Group efficiently printed one week's worth of clue cards for the event. This encompassed the production of 30 copies of 9 double-sided A5 cards, totaling 270 individual cards. The streamlined and professional printing process eliminated the inefficiencies of in-house production, allowing Launch Point Adventures to focus on delivering an exceptional adventure without the burden of time-consuming printing tasks.

    3. Consistency and Precision: The collaboration with Wiltshire Print Group ensured each clue card's consistent and precise production. The use of advanced printing technology and high-quality materials contributed to a standardised look and feel, enhancing the overall coherence of the Outdoor Escape Room experience.

    4. Quick Turnaround: Wiltshire Print Group's expertise and resources enabled a swift turnaround for the printing project. Launch Point Adventures received the completed order promptly, ensuring they were well-prepared for the upcoming event and could provide participants with a seamless and professionally crafted adventure.

Launch Point Adventures chose us for their Escape Room Printing

We are thrilled with the printing solution provided by Wiltshire Print Group.


Not only did it cost less than our in-house printing efforts, but the entire process was incredibly quick and hassle-free. With just two phone calls, we completed the order seamlessly, and to our delight, the cards were ready the next day.


This level of efficiency is a massive help for our Outdoor Escape Room events. Now, thanks to the on-demand printing service, we can ensure that new cards are printed precisely when needed for each event.


Wiltshire Print Group has become an invaluable partner in enhancing the professionalism and overall success of our adventures.

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