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11th February 2019
11th February 2019


Professional manufacturing car company with 4 vehicle accident repair centers sites in the South of the country when a manager from our local one here in Westbury presented with a vision on a A4 piece of paper sellotape with ideas of how she wanted a flyer to look but no experience or understanding if this was possible. She has some suggestions and needed to know if it brought to life.

The flyer was to be used to promote their accident repair center introducing a new complimentary recovery for life key fob of which showcased every repair every day was guaranteed for life.

Requested 5000 high end feel flyers delivered in a 2-week deadline within a tight budget.

A Search for a Solution

Although the customer had a vision of how they wanted the flyers to look their print knowledge was very limited so a one to one with an experienced member of the team was set up to explore options. Using the ideas and the artwork provided design examples were shown of how we could bring this vision to life and how the products could be given the high-end feel using a soft touch finish paper with a laminate finish.

Demonstration mock up proof samples were provided to ensure customer understood and could see and feel the difference in the products to meet their needs.

A The Solution Itself

Customers vision and artwork was transferred into a real-life product using the knowledge and experience of the footfall team to put together a high-end professional flyer well within the 2-week timescale given

The Results

Delighted with results especially within the budget and timescale so now a returning loyal customer ordering several times with us.


Following deliverance of their next order the customer took the time to email to share satisfaction.

Friendly, helpful and advised on the finish in quality of card would work best and delivered our printing on time when they said they would.