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11th February 2019
11th February 2019

A Challenge

A new local customer enquired as they needed a solution for an upcoming trade show. She had no products to take although had an idea and text that needed bringing together. The title of their book was “Cool kids with cool minds” which was a book aimed at parents of teenagers, containing information on a healthier way of thinking.

Nicola is primarily a Osteopath, with her own clinic based in Westbury, but also the founder or Cool kids with Cool minds, where she assists family’s and teenagers. she has created a 12 week mediation and mindfulness course for teenagers to connect their mind and body back together in a neurological way.

She didn’t know what materials were available or the costings involved, so in her mind a challenge lay ahead.

A Search for a Solution

Quickly a meeting was set up to discuss and understand her needs whilst exploring options available. It was soon identified the need for ring bound books. The customer thought 7 types would be required, however, our experienced team member suggested condensing some of the data to have 5 instead of 7 to be more cost-effective and compact. The books were showcasing some of the steps and techniques used in her 12-week program to aid teenagers in a neurological way.

This solution was welcomed by the customer as she was very open to new ideas and appreciated the suggestion, especially as it would save her some money! By condensing the books from 7 to 5 Nicola was delighted as she saved a massive 20% in costing. She still had all the information delivered in a more compact version.
Due to the very tight timescale and complexity, it was agreed a small quantity of all the books would be available, with more to follow to ensure she had some ready to take to the trade show.

The Solution Itself

The customer was happy and agreed with a more compact version of ring bound book, to be done within the timescale to ensure readiness for the upcoming event.

The Results

The customers new idea from text to a product was brought to life in a short timespan, with great appreciation from the customer who has since returned for further products and books.


The guys were brilliant - they totally pulled it out of the bag.