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11th February 2019


Trudi shared with us she had already tried other printers but felt due to her limited knowledge and the vision she wanted to try and deliver, she needed a personal touch with the professional edge.

Trudi has many years of experience behind her of helping others with her most recent business as a holistic therapist running cloud nine therapies in the Wiltshire area. She takes great pleasure of helping others being a Reiki master through a completely non-invasive healing method. Trudi also keeps herself very busy by running a networking group in bucks for over 6 years and now one in Wiltshire to.

She had a new idea for a business card but wasn’t too sure where to start, of if it could be achieved, especially in such a short timescale due to the different information she needed displayed in a small area and her lack of knowledge of options. Her vision was to be able t have a new inspiring business card but incorporate it with loyalty scheme whereby on the reverse of the card you save 8 stamps and get a discounted rate for customers next treatment to get two uses out of the one products to keep cost effective and easy to give out.

Search for a Solution

Initially, the customer visited the factory for a brainstorming session with an experienced and dynamic member of the team to fully understand what information she needed to be displayed and how a loyalty scheme could be captured and displayed on a new business card.

Customer had a dead line for delivery as wanted to roll it out in time for the new year, so we needed to act quickly to get a proof ready for viewing.

Our team shared ideas on colors sizes and images of which could display customers business, whilst including the loyalty scheme on the reverse of the card in an inspirational manner aiming to attract new and existing customers.

The Solution Itself

A new businesses card produced in line with all customers requirements bringing her new idea and vision within a very tight timescale ready for the start of the new year.

The Results

Customer delighted from beginning to end as appreciated the personal professional touch along with the speed and quality of products all delivered within a tight timescale.


Trudi sent us a lovely email to thank us for helping her, she also sent us a box of chocolates!