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    • Company Name: The Rambles

    • Industry: Dog walking field

    • Location: Cold Ashton, close to Bath

  • The Rambles is an exciting new dog walking field located in the picturesque area of Cold Ashton, in close proximity to the beautiful city of Bath. As a newly established venture, The Rambles faced the challenge of raising awareness and attracting visitors to their dog walking field. To achieve this goal, they embarked on a marketing campaign that involved the use of posters and large signs strategically placed along the main road leading to their location. 

    1. Lack of Printing Expertise: While The Rambles had a concept and graphics in mind, they lacked the expertise in the printing industry. They needed guidance on how to bring their vision to life effectively through printed materials.

    2. Signage Selection: With the goal of promoting their dog walking field, The Rambles needed to decide on the most appropriate types of signs to use. This involved considerations such as size, design, and placement to maximize visibility and impact.

    3. Budget Considerations: As a new venture, budget constraints were a concern. The Rambles needed a cost-effective solution that would still deliver impressive results.

    1. Expert Advice: Wiltshire Print Group offered their expertise and advice, addressing The Rambles' concerns and providing recommendations for the most cost-effective and visually appealing solution.

    2. Custom Signage: Wiltshire Print Group produced a large 8ft by 4ft Bi Bonded Gloss sign strategically placed along the roadway. This eye-catching sign served as a prominent focal point for passersby and potential visitors.

    3. Directional Signage: To guide visitors to the dog walking field from the main road, a 1-meter square directional sign was created. This helped ensure that customers could easily find their way to The Rambles.

    4. Posters: In addition to signage, Wiltshire Print Group produced 50 flyers. These promotional materials allowed The Rambles to distribute information about their dog walking field more broadly, reaching potential customers in the surrounding area.

    5. Artwork Support: The Rambles provided their graphics and ideas, and Wiltshire Print Group assisted with the artwork, ensuring that the final designs were visually appealing and aligned with The Rambles' branding.

    6. Efficiency: One of the notable aspects of this solution was its speed. Approval and printing were completed in just 2 days, allowing The Rambles to swiftly launch their marketing campaign and start attracting visitors to their dog walking field.

The Rambles chose us for their Launch Printing

Working with Wiltshire Print Group was fast and efficient.  They explained the options to us in a friendly way and guided us through the options and requirements at each stage.  

We are very please with the signs and posters.  They have been very effective and eye-catching and the launch of The Rambles Dog Walking Field has been a big success.

Thank you for helping us with our offline element of the The Rambles Launch

Edward and Dawn Lipiatt 

Owners of The Rambles Dog Walking Field

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